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10:30-12:00 Elementary Chemistry and Physics

10:30-12:00 Elementary Chemistry and Physics


Hello, I am Mrs. Whittington.

This is my first time teaching Elementary Chemistry and Physics, but I am excited about teaching and hope your student and I can have a Great time while learning.  We will be doing 1-3 Investigations each week.  

In Chemistry - Matter it's Properties and it's Changes - we will do Investigations with the following titles: the Physical side of Chemicals; Strange Substances and their properties; Chemistry Fun with Bubbles; Colors are Colors; Separate a mixture of Sand and Salt; Water is the Standard; Bending Streams of Water; Drops Electricityof Water; Oil and Water don't Mix; Acids & Bases; Is it Acid or Base; Salt - an ordinary substance w/Extraordinary Powers; Periodic Table; Electrcity and salt water; Changes - Are they Chemical or Physical; Clues of a Chemical Reaction; A Heavy Gas; Large or Small? Hot or Cold?

The Physics  - Energy It's Forms, Changes, & Functions - we will do Investigations with the following titles: Where exactly does energy go?; Stored or Active?; Light: Reflected and Absorbed; Light and Lenses; Waving the Red Green and Blue; Did you Hear That; When Things get Hot; Feeling the Heat; Magnets are very attractive; Magnetism is pretty special; How do Magnets become Magnets; If it's Invisible, how can you see it?; Static Electricity; A Place Where Electron Get Pushed Around; Switching on a Series of Circuit; Is a Parallel Circuit Better than a Series of Circuit; The Dishwashing Liquid and Electric Current; Solar Energy Makes a Change; Wind & Water Energy: Nuclear Energy.   

After registration is done I plan to order the following journals for each student, we will be using them at each class. 


Matter (Student Journal) (

Energy (Student Journal) (

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  • Teacher: Emily Whittington

    Contact Information:  336-267-6172

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