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3:00-4:00  Art III Intermediate Art/ MS/HS

3:00-4:00 Art III Intermediate Art/ MS/HS



Art III  

Students in Art III must have had Art II with me.

 In Art III, the student is now proficient and can work independently.  Building a portfolio and getting ready for college are top of mind. This might mean we meet on a different day, and work though individual areas of study.  We will work in pencil, charcoal, ink, and watercolor; acrylic if time allows. There will be some art history reading.          The instructor provides materials- pencils, pen, ink charcoal, hard pastels oil pastels watercolor sets, papers, rulers, books, viewfinders, brushes, water bins, project subjects, etc anything  needed for each project

6-8 students

  • Teacher: Emily Thompson

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