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2:00-3:00  Art II Intermediate Art/ 12-14 year olds

2:00-3:00 Art II Intermediate Art/ 12-14 year olds


CLASS TIME 2:00-3:00pm  

Art II  Intermediate-level 3:00 pm artists 

12-14 year olds

materials supplied   

In Art II, Students will study the Elements of Design (line, direction, shape, size, value, texture and color); composition and perspective.  They transition through these lessons using pencil, ink, charcoal, oil pastel and watercolor - sometimes we will advance to acrylic painting.  Students come away with a full knowledge of the language of art, how to proceed through the process, and how to critique their work and the work of other artists.  Simplified art history will be added to the 2023 year.  There are usually home projects.  Mostly, students come away with self-confidence and the ability to achieve whatever field they choose.  Students must know how to read and write.           the instructor provided     pencils pen and ink watercolor sets, papers, rulers, pencil sharpeners, books, photographs, subject matter, viewfinders, and any other art supplies which may be required               

6-8 students

  • Teacher: Emily Thompson

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