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Considering Homeschooling?

We want to homeschool.
How do we start?

Review NC's legal requirements and register your school HERE

Homeschooling in NC is fairly simple, but there are a few expectations.  
View a complete list of requirements and recommendations here

  as we are not equipped to give legal advice and these requirements may change.  
The basic expectations are that you register your school once, then keep the following on file yearly:  
Record of attendance 
(a regular schedule for at least 9 months of the year)
Record of immunizations
Record of result from a nationally standardized test, administered yearly.

We are registered!
Now what?

What do you want your student to know?  

Who is going to teach them those things?

When and where will they learn?

There are 1,000s of options with more being added daily.
It can be overwhelming!

You choose your curriculum in NC.  There are open and go packages available, you can piece together what works for you, or you can plan everything!

See the homeschooling info below for a list of some of your many options as a place to begin researching! 

We're homeschooling and want a co-op!

This area is blessed with several co-op options that range from full day drop off programs to an hour class where parents stay on campus. You are still responsible for your child's education, but these options can be helpful.


What kind of schooling is best for our family?

Please Note:  This information is not meant to be an endorsement of any school or program. 
Options are listed by alphabetical order in each category. 
This is not an exhaustive list and should be used only as a starting point in researching school options for our area.  


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If you would like your child to go to school virtually and/or part time, options are available. These choices give increased flexibility, but offer more support than homeschooling. PART TIME PRIVATE SCHOOL: Asheboro Hybrid Academy Some of the private schools listed in the full time schooling section may offer part time options, you would need to call the individual school to inquire. ONLINE FULL TIME PUBLIC SCHOOLS: North Caroline Virtual Academy Virtual Academy at Randolph PRIVATE SCHOOLS: Faith Christian School Fayetteville Street Christian School Hayworth Christian School High Point Christian School Wesleyan Christian Academy ONLINE PRIVATE SCHOOLS: Note: For many private online schools you will still need to register as a homeschool in North Carolina.

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